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Dear 2011: A thank you note

  Dear 2011, First of all, how are you? You must be starting to feel a bit lonely. Earlier this year, it was all about you. Now, it seems to be more about Mr. 2012. Which is fine, because you've really had a great run. Particularly, for me. Which brings me to the purpose of my note. As you very well know, you've let some amazing things happen for me. I remember this year being FULL of amazing [...]

Favorites of 2011: Wedding Blogs

To continue on in my Favorites series, today I'm showing SOME of my favorite blogs that I've really been digging this year. I recently (finally) set-up my Google Reader account properly so it makes viewing, sharing and commenting on said blogs WAY easier (using my fave app: Flipboard). Again, in no particular order... and remember, these are just SOME. My ultimate list of must-reads is huge. First [...]

Favorites of 2011: Photos

One of the best parts of the season is the feeling of a "fresh start" come January 1. That being said, 2011 was a FABULOUS year for the crew of DPNAK. Below are SOME of my favorite photos from the 2011 season. For simplicities sake, I limited it to my top six (in no particular order). Ready? Go. The first photo was from Amanda and Mark's wedding by Daniel Moyer. What I truly love about this photo [...]

One day before Christmas, a lovely #TWIPS (@bacidesigner) gave to me…

Finally, we've reached the end of the series and I get to show you one last card from our Holiday Card Exchange by some fellow #TWIPS members. If you've been poking in all week, you'll remember that Jessica from TwoWeddingBelles is the brilliant organizer behind all this holiday love sharing and I'm so happy to have been a part of it! The final card came from Amanda of Baci Designer next door in O [...]

Two days before Christmas, a lovely #TWIPS (@makebelieven) gave to me…

All this week, I've been sharing my favorite holiday cards from my fellow #TWIPS members. I really can't say enough how grateful I am to be a part of this great group of people from all over the world. Today's card came from Krissy of Make Believe'n out of Atlanta, GA. Krissy has some AMAZING fabric flower awesomeness in her Etsy shop that I plan on spending some time in this lovely morning - so m [...]

Three days before Christmas, a lovely #TWIPS (@TheStudioBPhoto) gave to me…

All this week, I've been showing off my favorite holiday cards from my fellow #TWIPS members. The exchange was wonderfully coordinated by a fellow DOC, Jessica of TwoWeddingBelles. Today's card came from Atlanta, Georgia photographer, Becca of Studio B Photography. I love the little checkmarks and highlights from her 2011. And I was pleasantly surprised to flip it over and find the cutest picture [...]

Four days before Christmas, a lovely #TWIPS (@modernlywed) gave to me…

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been part of a #TWIPS Holiday Card Exchange organized by the fabulous Jessica of Two Wedding Belles. Today's lovely little card came from Kate of ModernlyWed. If you haven't been on her blog recently, you must check it out. It's on my Google Reader for daily inspiration for the modern bride. (Ok, so maybe I'm not a bride, but I still love it!) By the way, check out h [...]

Five days before Christmas, a lovely #TWIPS (@lauralavender) gave to me…

Holy smokes, folks! It's only five days until Christmas. Wasn't it just Thanksgiving?!? Anyways, as a member of the fabulous Twitter group #TWIPS, a couple of us decided to take part in a Holiday Card exchange as it was wonderfully organized by Jessica of Two Wedding Belles. I think the only rule was that it had to be something special. And boy-oh-boy was I pleasantly surprised each time I opened [...]

Why I am NOT a party/event planner: a rant by dpnak

Last night, I was attending a lovely Holiday Mixer with some fellow wedding industry professionals in the Poconos. The mixer was held by Adam Skuba of Skuba Entertainment and Elika Almeida of EA Wedding Planner and ELysian Events at the Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg, PA. It was a great night full of really good food, good conversations and me explaining to people that I'm not a party planner. [...]

Etsy Finds: Rustic-Nautical Goodness

All too often I find myself poking around the world of Etsy. This morning, this inspiration board started with #3 and it went from there. enjoy. shop: 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6. [...]

Vendor Spotlight: Crystal Collura of Dolci Momenti Photography

Many moons ago, I sat down with Crystal Collura of Dolci Momenti Photography at our local Borders (RIP). We enjoyed a hot beverage and chatted it up - from weddings, to family, to babies, to design. What I discovered is that her true talents lie in her über-sweet nature and beyond-creative ability with a camera. And as you can see from these photos, she is always in my top list of recommended phot [...]

Dying over the tops of these beauties from Pronovias 2012 Collections!

As an unmarried gal (who is admittedly dying for the day I get to play dress-up with a bunch of white gowns), I LOVE looking at beautiful pieces of art that woman get to wear for their big (fabulous) day. Pronovias never seems to let me down in the beautiful or fabulous department. These four beauties from their 2012 collections are beautiful all around, but the tops are so beyond words... and so [...]

FAQs: Do I need a wedding coordinator?

This is a big one and I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question already.  Past "yes!", the simplest answer to this question is: Google™ it.  You will see that a wedding coordinator is no longer just for the “celebrity”.  Instead, you will find that a wedding coordinator not only helps you keep your head on top of your shoulders, but they also help you save money.  A wedding coordinator is one o [...]

Tulle Obsessed: fabulousness from @etsy seller ouma

Yep, it's amazing, right? Get it. [...]