I always love watching the up and coming trends and after watching last week’s episode of New Girl (ep: Prince), I realized that we are going to be seeing some BEAUTIFUL head pieces this year and next. Now, don’t get me wrong, a bride’s head gear will ALWAYS be stunning, because it’s on a glowing bride, but I think wedding head chains are completely unique and ethereal.

wedding head chain from Etsy seller LovMely | via dpnak.com

via Etsy seller LovMely

I love how delicate and beautifully they fall, but they clearly won’t work on all hair styles. Personally, I have bangs so I’d need to find one that works with that. But I would easily consider growing them out just to sport one. Maybe. I really love my bangs. (oh boy)

wedding head chain from Etsy seller NaynaJewelry | via dpnak.com

via Etsy seller NaynaJewelry

So, what do you think? Are wedding head chains too trendy or perfect for your wedding day?