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Coordination Service Breakdown: What is rehearsal direction?!

As part of a new series, I'm happy to be explaining in further detail about services that are included as part of wedding coordination. Today, we're chatting about rehearsal direction. Before I go any further, there may be some folks out there who don't think they need a rehearsal. This may be true, but in most cases I HIGHLY recommend it. Did you get that? HIGHLY recommend it.  photo by amanda gr [...]

Let's pretend it's your wedding day… what would you do if…?

Ok, this article is not meant to scare you or give you ulcers. But, these things are possible happenings and they can ALL be avoided (or taken care of) with the help of a day-of coordinator. And please note, that I speak solely for myself. All coordinators/planners are different and you should always check before assuming that they are capable of doing what you need. Anyway. Let's get back on trac [...]

My (top) 4.5 pieces of advice I give to my brides…

Whenever I talk with a couple, particularly the bride, I like to give them advice. I know what you're thinking - "isn't that your job, Danielle?" Well yes, it is. But I want to share that advice with you. Because, frankly, I think it's darn good advice. 1. Don't sweat the small stuff. Now, I'm not talking about if the photographer doesn't show up (more on that later). This goes for the things like [...]