Favorites of 2011: Photos

One of the best parts of the season is the feeling of a "fresh start" come January 1. That being said, 2011 was a FABULOUS year for the crew of DPNAK. Below are SOME of my favorite photos from the 2011 season. For simplicities sake, I limited it to my top six (in no particular order). Ready? Go. The first photo was from Amanda and Mark's wedding by Daniel Moyer. What I truly love about this photo [...]

Real Wedding: Katie and Bill Sneak Peek!

Good morning and Happy Friday folks! It's been a crazy week here with me recovering from a crazy virus and now Mr. Blue Eyes has it. #booo Anyway, I thought I'd share some BEAUTIFUL photos by Swoon Over It Photography taken of Katie and Bill's (amazing) Greek Wedding on October 15, 2011. Enjoy! [...]

Bridesmaids: When to give. When to demand.

Best friends. Sisters. Cousins. Co-workers. Bridesmaids come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and personalities. When it comes to planning your wedding, those bridesmaids must conform and execute perfection, right? Wrong. Your bridesmaids (and this is including your maid/matron of honor) are your closest gal pals. You chose them to witness your wedding day and be "Team Bride". With your decision to as [...]

Spotted: on 100 Layer Cake!

As a HUGE admirer and fan of 100 Layer Cake - I have to say I was so excited to my own name on one of their real weddings yesterday. You remember Mindy and Mark right? Well the amazing Amanda of SWOONOVERIT captured some of the most wonderful pictures of them and they were featured yesterday on 100 Layer Cake! I'm so excited and thankful to have worked with a fabulous couple and a team of uber-cre [...]

Defining your bridal party – a who's who.

Depending on your geographic location, a bridal party can consist of several different team players. (Notice I used the word "team", as your choice in bridal party member should be someone who has your back, loves you something fierce, and understands/respects that this is your wedding day. However, this does not give you the right to abuse your relationship with them in a state of bridezilla-ness [...]

Real Wedding: Mindy and Mark – June 4, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA

From day one of talking with Mindy and Mark, I knew their wedding was going to be unique.  Mindy's focus was always on being uber-accomodating to her guests and loved ones and Mark's focus was on ensuring all the details were just perfect (you should see the hangers he HANDMADE for both him and his bride - amazing!). And while I'd love to share with you a bazillion photos of all the amazing detail [...]