Ahhh lovelies. Hello again.

Today I want to give you some warnings about a certain something you may be relying on for your wedding day: Wi-Fi Connections.

Ok, let’s say you are planning on providing your own music for cocktail hour via Pandora from your iPod Touch. Great! Except what happens if the venue’s Wi-Fi connection is being wonky that day and you can’t connect? Think about your home connection. For me at least, sometimes it works, others times it doesn’t. Your venue may be the same exact way. It might not happen often, but it definitely CAN happen.

Please, Please, PLEASE – I urge you not to solely depend on ANY Wi-Fi connections when it comes to your plans. So let’s go back to the Pandora scenario. Personally, I like the idea… but be sure to make a playlist (maybe call it Playlist B) of songs that does not require an internet connection, just in case. That way you’re covered and you (or your coordinator) won’t spend the day trying to find some type of back-up.

When making playlists, I recommend making them at least 30 minutes longer than your scheduled event. Let’s say the cocktail hour is scheduled to be 60 minutes long. Make the playlist 90 minutes long and set it to repeat the list.

Ok, now how about your DJ? Let’s say you meet with them and they tell you that they can pull up any song you like via Wi-Fi the day of the wedding – great! But be sure to send them a list of must-haves in advance so they can have them prior to showing up for the wedding. That way, no one is disappointed when the Wi-Fi isn’t working and the DJ can’t play your Mom’s favorite polka.

Now there will be other fun things that you can plan that may be benefited from Wi-Fi (tweeting with a hashtag #mrandmrssmith, instagramming, etc.) BUT at the end of the day, it won’t be a HUGE misstep if the internet is out. Sometimes 3G/4G will still work fine and the day will go on whether it’s there or not.

Now, go enjoy your weekend. :)