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Dear 2011: A thank you note

December 30th, 2011|

  Dear 2011, First of all, how are you? You must be starting to feel a bit lonely. Earlier this year, it was all about you. Now, it seems to be more about Mr. 2012. Which is fine, because you've really had a great run. Particularly, for me. Which brings me to the purpose of my note. As you very [...]

Favorites of 2011: Wedding Blogs

December 28th, 2011|

To continue on in my Favorites series, today I'm showing SOME of my favorite blogs that I've really been digging this year. I recently (finally) set-up my Google Reader account properly so it makes viewing, sharing and commenting on said blogs WAY easier (using my fave app: Flipboard). Again, in no [...]

Favorites of 2011: Photos

December 27th, 2011|

One of the best parts of the season is the feeling of a "fresh start" come January 1. That being said, 2011 was a FABULOUS year for the crew of DPNAK. Below are SOME of my favorite photos from the 2011 season. For simplicities sake, I limited it to my top six (in no particular order). Ready? Go. The [...]

Why I am NOT a party/event planner: a rant by dpnak

December 13th, 2011|

Last night, I was attending a lovely Holiday Mixer with some fellow wedding industry professionals in the Poconos. The mixer was held by Adam Skuba of Skuba Entertainment and Elika Almeida of EA Wedding Planner and ELysian Events at the Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg, PA. It was a great night ful [...]

FAQs: Do I need a wedding coordinator?

December 5th, 2011|

This is a big one and I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question already.  Past "yes!", the simplest answer to this question is: Google™ it.  You will see that a wedding coordinator is no longer just for the “celebrity”.  Instead, you will find that a wedding coordinator not only helps you keep yo [...]