Personal style and expression is not something that one finds easily, but Aga and Marcin of aga images are two of the coolest people I’ve ever met with a definite knack for showing how they view the world. Their pictures speak for themselves and I’m so happy to introduce you to them.

wedding photo by Aga Images

Hello. Who are you?

Hello. We are a Wedding Photographer duo, aga&marcin, partners in business and life. We have been in business quiet few years and started in NYC, then moved to NJ and now we are based in the Deleware Water Gap region. Due to the fact that we’ve been advertising and shooting in many of the North Eastern states, we travel a lot for weddings, both locally, nationally and internationally.

wedding photo by Aga Images

Who or what got you started in the industry?

We started shooting weddings back in 2005 when aga assisted a wedding photographer and just fell in love with this job. It was a rather slow beginning, we did not shoot a lot of weddings right away, we gradually build business over few year period; as we were working in other careers. Being a photographer or even a good photographer does not make one a good wedding photographer. You have to learn how to shoot weddings, how to run a business, how to be your own marketing agent, and most of all how to have happy clients. It’s a lot of work and responsibility, but we love every minute of it.

wedding photo by Aga Images

What is your favorite part about being in the wedding world? 

The fact that we are documentary photographers makes us really observe and notice the subtle nuances of the day as well as people’s emotions and relationships. Being able to witness this special day, be in the moment with our couples and their families is amazing.

Besides weddings, are there any other special events that you service?

No, we specialize in weddings, while we do have returning clients for family portraits (isn’t it amazing to witness the growth of a family?), we concentrate only on weddings so we can give our couples the most amazing photography and service.

wedding photo by Aga Images

Ok, we all know I’m a big fan of yellow. What’s your favorite color?

Aga’s current obsession is greige, her all time fave is gray. Marcin is pretty much also into the muted, earthy color pallet. No wonder we love monochrome so much, our fave documentary photos are all in b&w.

As a photographer, where do you go to be inspired?

We love to see photos of the documentary master photographers both online, in our photo book collections or exhibits/museums. We also like to follow different documentary/humanitarian projects as this type of photography is so about capturing the real, beautiful moment of everyday life. We try to take this and shoot weddings in that set of mind, documenting the beauty of life.

wedding photo by Aga Images

What sets you apart from other fellow photographers?

I think it’s the documentary approach that shows through unique moments, creative composition, capturing emotions and joy of the day. We simply don’t capture what is required to be captured by the standards of wedding photography but we feel and observe with our whole hearts to tell a story with each wedding.

wedding photo by Aga Images

Whether you’re single, married, divorced, widowed… we all have words of advice when it comes to relationships. What is your advice to couples tying the knot?

Well, we’ve been together for 10 years, living for 6, we are basically together 24/7, so we must be doing something really amazing! One advice is to communicate, be open, patient and have fun in life…learn how to say “I’m sorry” and don’t hold grudges.

Aside from weddings, what are some other hobbies/hidden talents/secret powers?

We both adore restoring old furniture and all kids of DIY. Aga loves thrifting and always finds amazing and unique gems both in décor and clothes.

wedding photo by Aga Images

Speaking of super powers, if you could choose to have any, what would you pick?

Marcin would time travel and Aga as a little kid always wished she could reach into the tv and take out anything that was in it.

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