So, this past weekend was Lauren and Alex’s BEAUTIFUL on-property wedding in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We’re not sure we could’ve asked for a more beautiful day on the weather front. We’re talking blue skies, a comfortable 80 degrees, and a slight breeze to keep the tent cool.

As always, we worked with our couple and their vendors to put together a Master Wedding Day Timeline (included in all of our coordination packages). In Lauren and Alex’s case, they needed a Limo to pick up the gents from the Hotel, take them to the Church for the ceremony, followed by a pick up for the girls at the couple’s house to take them to the Church.

Here’s what that looked like on paper:

11:15am Limo arrives to pick up gents from Hotel
11:45am Limo drops off gents to Church (note: the Hotel and Church were only 9 minutes apart)
12:15pm Limo arrives to pick up gals from House
12:50pm Limo drops off gals to Church (note: the House and Church were only 15 minutes apart)
1:00pm Ceremony begins


If you add it all up, there’s a total of 56 extra minutes of “buffer” time figured in to the above wedding timeline. As we’ve talked about before with transportation schedules, it’s SO important to figure in extra time for loading and unloading of passengers, for allowing a slower travel time due to a larger vehicle (limos and buses can’t zip around as quickly as everyday cars and SUVs) and… this is important, for any unforeseen circumstances.

Like in this case.

This past weekend, just as our 24-passenger Limo Shuttle was arriving to pick up the gals at the house (about 20 minutes early, mind you, because of the added buffer time) to take them to the Church for the ceremony…


Completely off. Would not start back up. Battery. Dead. Stalled.

By this time, two of us were at the Church getting things ready. One of us was back at the House tackling setup for the reception. After a few minutes, some text messages back and forth, and some BIG help from the Father of the Bride, the Limo Shuttle got a jump start, the girls hopped in and they were off to the Church.

And they weren’t late.

In fact, they were still 5 minutes early

Can you imagine being the Bride and having that happen? And then being late to your ceremony? (yes, it happens) If you’re anything like us, and we know you are, you like to be on-time for things. Or you at least like to do your very best at being on-time for things.

And thanks to our strategic planning, coordination and timing of all their events, this small hiccup happened and didn’t affect a single thing. The guests had no idea. The bride was still on-time. And no one needed to be freaking out.

Pretty stellar, right?

So, that is why we always, always, ALWAYS recommend adding in buffer times throughout your wedding timeline. Things are going to happen and some things will be bigger issues than other things. But if you leave some time in the schedule, it shouldn’t really affect much.

And this is the HAPPY bride and her hero Dad walking down the aisle. She had us tearing up with emotions, but doesn’t she look happy? (and on time) ;)

Why we recommend adding extra time in your wedding timeline

We loved working with Chad and Bob of Two Sticks Studios and so happy they captured this beautiful moment.