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Thanks in large part to Pinterest, we are exposed to SOOOO many freaking ideas – it’s not even funny. I saw one of those ecards once that said something like “Pinterest was invented by men to get their women to cook better, stay in shape and become more organized” – there are some times where I think that may be true.

But anyway, today I want to talk about one of my biggest weaknesses: COLOR.

I say color is my weakness, because it takes me FOREVER to put together a color palette that I really love. Yet, I can see one that someone else puts together and instantly fall in love. Perhaps I overthink it. (who? me? no way. not possible. ok, maybe.)

So today I want to tell you that there is nothing wrong with NOT picking a specific color palette for your wedding. Just because you’d like to see your bridal party wear pretty-purple or tangerine-tango, does NOT mean you have to then use that color in every other aspect of your wedding. As long as, at the end of the day, all of your different colors “work” together, you’re golden.

speaking of tangerine-tango… remember that one time?? photo by swoon over it with all amazingness by Kristy Rice.

Want to see some examples? Check out this wedding on Style Me Pretty and this one, too. Both weddings have GREAT use of color but aren’t limited to just one, two or even three colors.

One trick I learned from a lighting designer is to look at opposing colors on the color wheel. Take that orange color and go directly across the circle to find it’s complimentary color: teal. Pretty neat right? I use that when I’m really stuck and need a push. To some people, I think it comes naturally (like organizing for me) but for me, it’s not so easy.

image via alisaburke/pinterest.

Either way, feel free to have a good time with picking colors but don’t get hung up on just one color.


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