We’re honestly not sure how we get so lucky.

Chances are we’re going to have a good time working together if you:

  • Want to have an amazing wedding, but also don’t want to break the bank doing it
  • Work really hard at your job and know sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day
  • Have an amazing mom/sister/friend who wants to help, but is also driving you a little crazy
  • Might be a little (or a lot) Type-A
  • Really like checking things off a list (you may even add something to it after you’ve done it, just so you can cross it off)
  • Think that wine might be the best treat after a very long day
  • Really dig Pinterest and already have a wedding board packed with ideas
  • Love a walk through the woods but also appreciate a stroll through a bustling city
  • Believe in practical decisions based on logic, but also know when to follow your gut

“Danielle didn’t push me in one direction or the other—she really helped guide us to make the best decisions that were right for us, which is truly unique.”

– Lauren


When you work with us, you can expect to receive quick responses (often within a few hours or even minutes) with clear answers.
We like to blend a mix of professionalism, spunk and super-helpful advice/guidance/logic exactly when you need it.
And we use smiley faces only when absolutely necessary.
Owner, Lead Coordinator of DPNAK Weddings

Hi. I’m Danielle. The owner, planner and chief organizer of DPNAK Weddings.

In my happy little world, my heart soars for a beautiful plate of food, the perfectly-cool-but-not-exactly-cold feel of fresh bed sheets, and the entire wizarding world of Harry Potter (#geek). I’m also a big fan of the color yellow, animals and I’m pretty sure I can put cream cheese (or salt) on just about anything and enjoy it. A lot.

I have a strong distaste for carrots, creepy-crawly bugs and Times New Roman.

Above almost everything, I love making my clients happy. Whether it’s by replying uber-quick to a question they have, letting them vent after a “minor tiff” with their future mother-in-law, or by allowing them to experience and enjoy every bit of their wedding day – I love it all. 

I began this journey in 2009 after a cross-country road trip and now the DPNAK team consists of myself plus five awesome individuals who consistently perform miracles and do whatever it takes to pull off some of the most exciting and heartfelt weddings I’ve ever seen.

When I tell people I’m a wedding planner, they always say “that must be so fun” and it really, really is.

Connect with me:

photo by Michael Pangilinan Photography

Enough about us: Let’s talk about you.

If you are local to the Lehigh Valley, Scranton or Bucks County area, we can sit down and chat. If you’re not, we can schedule a Skype chat or Google Hangout at your convenience.

Either way, we’re going to talk all about your wedding and the type of help you need. We’ll also likely enjoy a hot beverage or sweet treat because why not. From there, you’ll receive a proposal (minus the ring) in your inbox with your custom package.

If you’re looking to work or intern with the DPNAK team, please fill out the form here. (Warning: it’s a lot of fun)