Once upon a time,
Back in 2009…

The journey towards DPNAK Weddings unofficially began after a 41-day road trip across the country during the late Summer of 2009.

(Never was so much stuff packed into one tiny Prius) 

But, like any good story, the real fun started long before that.

Owner, Danielle Pasternak, has been “playing” wedding since an early age. She would dress up her grandparents and direct them on where to stand, where to walk, what to do and how to do it (man, she was a bossy kid). She’d clip a white bedsheet to her grandmother’s head, make her a blossoming bouquet out of tissues (hopefully not used) and line an aisle with stuffed animals (because what’s a wedding without some furry guests?). She’d make sure every detail was ‘just right’ then hit play on the little purple cassette player and direct the entire wedding. And then do it all over again, because that’s what kids do.

Fast forward to 2014 (almost 2015), we are officially DPNAK Weddings and we’re honored to have been a part of countless weddings throughout the Eastern and Central Pennsylvania area.


We are currently based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania but are happy to travel throughout the Eastern Pennsylvania region. 

Not sure if we travel to you?
Drop us a line
Lehigh Valley 80%
NEPA/Poconos 65%
Philadelphia and suburbs 40%
Central Pennsylvania 15%
Lancaster/Harrisburg 10%


What the heck does “DPNAK” mean?

| dee PEE nack | n. DPNAK comes from the unofficial nickname of Danielle, owner and founder of DPNAK Weddings.
If you look closely at her full name, Danielle Pasternak, you should see where this nickname comes from.

Danielle Pasternak

Owner and Lead Coordinator

Danielle is your non-typical, short but mighty wedding coordinator. She loves all things weddings (obviously), anything to do with Harry Potter (especially trivia), animals of just about any kind, and cream cheese on almost anything.  When she isn’t coordinating weddings, you can usually find her snuggled up with a blanket, good book and glass of wine, or watching endless amounts of cooking shows (you’d think she’d be a better cook by now). Other favorites include Broadway showtunes, hikes in the woods, and the color yellow.

Connect with Danielle.

JESSICASenior Associate
Jessica is our cookie-loving gal who loves nothing more than to be barefoot with a glass of wine. While her degree is in Psychology and Organizational Behavior, she also loves yoga, animals (currently she has 5 chickens, 1 guinea hen, 2 rats, 3 dogs), and her husband.
SAMANTHAJunior Associate
Samantha is our incredibly talented and funny gal from the Lehigh Valley area. Samantha has a warm approach and a heart of gold. As a fellow wedding-a-holic, she shares our love for Harry Potter, Julie Andrews, singing in the shower and anything pretty.
BRITTANYJunior Associate
Brittany joined the DPNAK team in the 2014 season. Brittany graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management as well as spent six months in Disney. She is our go-to gal when anything needs a quick stitch, a special touch or an extra bit of organziation.


We are always looking for passionate people with a positive attitude to join the DPNAK team.
If you are interested in joining the team, check out our CAREER PAGE and fill out the form you find there.
We look forward to learning more about you. All positions are part-time with the option to grow.