Largely baffled.
Considerably bewildered.
Painstakingly lost.

We know that when you said “yes” to that GORGEOUS new ring, these were the last things you thought you’d feel while planning your wedding. Yet, those feelings keep creeping up on you.

Maybe you’re drinking an extra glass of wine (or three) at dinner.
Maybe you’re fighting a little bit more than you’d like with your Mom. And Fiance. And that barista on your way to work.

Maybe you’re waking up at 3am because you just can’t stop thinking about how it’s all going to “work”.

Every couple has been there.

But the difference between you and every other couple out there is that you’re about to give your wedding a swift kick in the backside and take back control. 

You’re about to go from questioning every tiny little detail to dominating every single decision you make.

Because we’ve got you. 

We’re there to help you ask the right questions, introduce you to the perfect brigade of vendors FOR YOU, and meticulously outline the ideal timeline of your day. We’re there to walk you through the sticky wedding etiquette choices that will even make Aunt Susan proud of the “lady” that you are (no matter how much you put your elbows on the table). And we’re always on your side – no matter what.


We don’t like the “old school” way of wedding planning that you see in the movies (no offense, J-Lo)

We stand firmly against the idea of bossing anybody around, especially our clients. Instead, we guide you through each phase of the planning process and learn every thing we possibly can about you, your partner and your wedding. This means that on the day of your wedding, you actually enjoy yourselves while we skillfully and expertly manage every facet of your day – just as you would if you weren’t, you know, marrying your best friend and making AMAZING new memories. You don’t have a million and one people coming up to you asking questions (although we may not be able to stop Aunt Mary from asking when you’re having kids) and you’re not worrying about a single thing (except maybe… nope, can’t think of anything).

We also love beautiful weddings. But we don’t believe that beauty comes from the decor or the flowers or the details or the dress – although they are all very lovely. It comes from the love you share and the love you give. We help you with the “pretty” and work to make everything look and feel cohesive. But we know that each wedding, couple and adventure is unique and we don’t ever plan on turning down a wedding because it may not be “Style Me Pretty” worthy.

Above all else, we believe in moments and the memories we associate with them. Everyone has already told you that “it will go by in a blink”. They aren’t lying or exaggerating. We’ll help take as much off of your plate as we can and we’ll help you experience every single moment possible.

From the hug from your grandmother, just before the start of the ceremony.
To the moment you’re walking down the aisle.
To that final bit of quiet before you walk into your reception surrounded by 150 of your cheering family and friends.
To the last song of the night when it no longer matters how sweaty you are, you just want to take it all in and make it last forever.

We’ve got you. Start to finish.


We are currently based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania but are happy to travel throughout the Eastern Pennsylvania region. 

Not sure if we travel to you?
Drop us a line
Lehigh Valley 80%
NEPA/Poconos 65%
Philadelphia and suburbs 40%
Central Pennsylvania 15%
Lancaster/Harrisburg 10%


What the heck does “DPNAK” mean?

| dee PEE nack | n. DPNAK comes from the unofficial nickname of Danielle, owner and founder of DPNAK Weddings.
If you look closely at her full name, Danielle Pasternak, you should see where this nickname comes from.

Danielle Pasternak

Owner and Lead Coordinator

Hi. I’m Danielle. The owner, planner and chief organizer of DPNAK Weddings. 

In my happy little world, my heart soars for a beautiful plate of food, the perfectly-cool-but-not-exactly-cold feel of fresh bed sheets, and the entire wizarding world of Harry Potter (#geek). I’m also a big fan of the color yellow, animals and I’m pretty sure I can put cream cheese (or salt) on just about anything and enjoy it. A lot.

I have a strong distaste for carrots, creepy-crawly bugs and Times New Roman.

Above almost everything, I love making my clients happy. Whether it’s by replying uber-quick to a question they had, letting them vent after a “minor tiff” with their future mother-in-law, or by allowing them to experience and enjoy every bit of their wedding day – I love it all. 

I began this journey in 2009 after a cross-country road trip and now the DPNAK team consists of myself plus five awesome individuals who consistently perform miracles and do whatever it takes to pull off some of the most exciting and heartfelt weddings I’ve ever seen. 

Connect with Danielle.



We are always looking for passionate people with a positive attitude to join the DPNAK team.
If you are interested in joining the team, check out our CAREER PAGE and fill out the form you find there.
We look forward to learning more about you. All positions are part-time with the option to grow.