Hello there.

Chances are high we’re going to have a really great time working together if you:

  • Want to have an amazing wedding, but also don’t want to break the bank doing it
  • Work really hard at your job and know sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day
  • Have an amazing mom/sister/friend who wants to help, but is also driving you a little crazy
  • Might be a little (or a lot) Type-A
  • Really like checking things off a list (you may even add something to it after you’ve done it, just so you can cross it off)
  • Think that wine might be the best treat after a very long day
  • Dig Harry Potter
  • Really dig Pinterest and already have a wedding board packed with ideas
  • Love a walk through the woods but also appreciate a stroll through a bustling city
  • Believe in practical decisions based on logic, but also know when to follow your gut


Hi, I’m Danielle.

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The first question you may be asking is, what the $*#% is DPNAK?. Fair question.
“DPNAK” is the shortened version of my full name: Danielle PasterNAK. I pronounce it “dee-pee-nack”.

  • I began this company in 2009 after a 41-day cross-country road trip.
  • In 2016, I started co-hosting a podcast called Put A Ring On It, the anti-boring wedding planning podcast.
  • I love to dance, but I’m truly the worst singer you’ve ever heard.
  • I have a very healthy and cool obsession with all-things Harry Potter. Apparently, I’m a Hufflepuff.
  • In 2015, I was named as one of the “Top 26 Most Influential Wedding Planners on Facebook in the United States”. That was pretty cool.
  • In 2016, I was also listed as one of the Top 20 Best Wedding Planners in Philadelphia (out of 247!).
  • My favorite place to eat in any restaurant is the kitchen. Second favorite place is at the bar. I absolutely love the busy-ness.
  • My pup is a 7-year-old shih-tzu/bichon mix named, Mollie. I call her “too-cute-to-get-into-trouble”.
  • I have one heck of a partner who’s not only sweet, but crazy talented. His name is Michael.
  • My whole world revolves around making lists and getting things done.
  • Carrots are my archnemesis. I will not eat them, Sam I am.

Want to score some free (and fun) wedding planning advice?

Check out: Put A Ring On It.

A brand-new wedding podcast for anyone planning a wedding, co-hosted by me and my good friend and amazing photographer, Daniel Moyer.

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“Danielle didn’t push me in one direction or the other—she really helped guide us to make the best decisions that were right for us, which is truly unique.”

– Lauren

Looking to join the DPNAK team?

New assistants are typically interviewed and hired in February/March of each year. To be considered, you must fill out a fun form using the button below. Please know, I only hire for part-time positions assisting on the wedding day. I do not offer any planning or consulting positions at this time.