13 Not-So-Obvious Questions to ask a Caterer

A few years ago, we wrote an article title “11 Not-So-Obvious Questions to Ask Your Photographer”. Thanks to a few pins on Pinterest, that article is still circulating the interwebs and, well, that’s just awesome. Naturally, with our love for practicality and logic, we thought we’d follow it up with another Not-So-Obvious article.

If your wedding requires you to hire your own caterer, the task can be daunting. Just because a caterer has a crap-tastic website, doesn’t mean they have bad food or service. But how are you supposed to know who to hire and more importantly, what questions should you ask in order to find “the one”?

While there […]

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Wedding Bathroom Baskets: What to include and what not to include

Wedding bathroom baskets, also called “hospitality baskets” are a great addition to your wedding. They are baskets filled with often-needed toiletries for guests to use while getting their celebration on at your wedding. With the many weddings we’ve attended, we’ve seen very minimal and very over-the-top approaches. We like to keep things fairly simple and have found a happy medium in creating the perfect bathroom basket for your wedding. The key really is not to over do it (or overthink it).

Just because something isn’t listed above, doesn’t mean you “shouldn’t” include it. It just means that if you don’t, no one will co […]

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My Top 8 favorite Instagram Accounts for Wedding Inspiration

I try and start each day with a bit of wedding inspiration. Lately, I’ve been crushing on Instagram and wanted to share my top eight favorite Instagram accounts for wedding inspiration. Enjoy.

01/08: Wedding Chicks

 Vintage vibes. @luxeproductions @annamottice@longbottomjoe #wchappyhour

02/08: Green Wedding Shoes

Starting the week off right with this GORGEOUS bohemian wedding captured by @shalynnelson! LOVE the bride’s custom gown and the bridesmaids dresses by @the_dreamers_lovers  Thx also to @westcottweddings @vistawestranch@birchandbrassrentals — so much more pretty on GWS today! #bohobride #ranchwedding #lace

03/08: […]

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Jessie and Jody’s Ironstone Ranch Wedding Day Trailer by Kevin Fonash Studios

You remember our girl, Jessie when she married her man? Of course you do.

Now it’s time to enjoy their trailer video by Kevin Fonash Studios.

1.] Grab popcorn. 2.] And tissues. 3.] Enjoy.


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Behind the Scenes: Jessie and Jody’s Ironstone Ranch Wedding

What started as an empty barn…

…slowly became what would be one of my favorite weddings of 2014.

photo by Hoffer Photography
And I am so happy that we captured some behind-the-scenes shots of it all getting set up.
Our day started bright and early with a text from the bride, Jess, about a mix-up with one of the desserts. A quick trip to a local gluten-free bakery, Made with Love Not Gluten, solved that problem and we hit the venue, Ironstone Ranch in Elizabethtown, PA around 8am.
We arrived to a quiet farm with an empty barn.

A little after 8am, Missy and Neil arrived with 16 of their Barnes Handcrafted Farmhouse Table […]

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The Easy Way to Know If Something Is Too Tacky For Your Wedding

As you plan your wedding, you’re going to come across articles that showcase different ideas for weddings. Props, theme choices, music selections, attire, stationery, food, etc. If not done “right” they can fall into the category of “tacky” in the eye of the beholder – or the blog commenter.
So how can you guarantee a tacky-free wedding?
Well, in my opinion, there is a short answer and a long answer.

Short: Ask yourself “do you I like it and want it to be a part of my wedding?” If you reply “yes”, then PLEASE have it at your wedding. If you reply “no”, then don’t.

I’m a firm believer, that if you like something a LOT (and can phys […]

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An Alternative Option for the Garter and Bouquet Toss – great for weddings with kids!

We’ve all seen and heard of the garter and bouquet toss at weddings. Some love ‘em, some hate ‘em. Most find them to slightly inappropriate when there are more than a few children around (and eager to catch the bride’s bouquet, of course).

So why not do a Teddy Toss?


I first read about this idea in Peter Merry’s The Best Wedding Reception Ever, and have been dying to share (great read for couples AND vendors, btw).

Instead of doing the traditional garter removal (which can get a bit raunchy, let’s admit), you can gather everyone to the dance floor (single, married, young, old, doesn’t matter) for a Teddy Toss. The bride […]

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Table Linen Size Chart

Determining the best size for your seating and tables can be a bit tricky. Use this Table Linen Size Chart to help navigate your rental order.


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