Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day: 6 Things To Remember

photo by With Love and Embers at Loriann and John's Scranton Wedding As you approach your wedding day, I bet that you're putting a LOT of planning efforts into the details of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. From place cards to favors, ceremony programs to flowers, you've got it covered, right? But what about the part of the day BEFORE all of that? Getting ready on your wedding day is g [...]

Pick Your Wedding Colors with

While I might not be color blind, I am absolutely DREADFUL at putting together colors. Most of my wardrobe is black and neutrals mainly because of this problem. I currently moan and groan about the color I chose to recently paint our living and dining rooms because of this problem. And for the love of all things good, don't ask me to pick out curtain colors, because I just can't. At least, not wit [...]

How to be a Great Host: 4 Ways to Knock Your Wedding Guests Socks Off

How To Be A Great Host photo by Daniel Moyer Photography from Vicki and Dave's wedding at the Allentown Brew Works You will always hear me say that your wedding is the first time you officially host an event as "husband and wife" or "official partners". So it's important to keep your guests in mind when you are planning your wedding weekend events. If you listen to the Put A Ring On It podcast tha [...]

My Top 5 Favorite Pennsylvania Wedding Venues from 2015

Each year, our couples take me and the DPNAK crew along with them on some amazing journeys to such BEAUTIFUL venues. I can't help but think how lucky we are every single time we get to be a part of such stunning wedding days. That being said, we had the pleasure of working at some awesome places in 2015 and I wanted to share my top five favorite Pennsylvania wedding venues with you. I should note [...]

Some Updates: Podcast Co-Hosting, Bridal Shows and Award Season

Hey guys! You may have heard, but with the launch of newest project, Put A Ring On It Podcast (more on that in a second), I've changed the regular schedule of the blog from every Wednesday at 8am to... when I have something worth writing about. My hope is to keep it around 1-2 times per month. For those that have been such amazing followers of the advice blog, I would strongly urge and recommend y [...]

Something new for 2016: Put A Ring On It Podcast

Ohhhhhh my goodness. I've been hinting at a top-secret, behind-the-scenes project for a while now and I'm so happy to be (finally) sharing more details with you! If you follow me on Insta, Facebook or Twitter (eh-hem), you may have seen this amazing and stellar announcement already. If you don't, why the heck not?! Ok - just kidding. If you don't, then here is this BIG REVEAL: Introducing: Put A R [...]

Bowls Of Cigarettes: What Mary Kate Olsen’s wedding has to do with yours

Did you hear? Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy tied the knot a few weeks ago. And now EVERYONE is talking about their "bowls of cigarettes". Big Stock Photo Ok, I'm sorry, but WTF are "bowls of cigarettes"? Let me start off by saying that this visual gives me the heebie jeebies a bit. I'm not a smoker and the smell of smoke typically turns my stomach. My problem, not yours, I get it. Either way [...]

Wedding Inquiry Crafting: Mad Libs Style

When you're searching for your team of wedding professionals (photographer, florist, baker, DJ, caterer, etc.) and you finally find that person or company who feels like they may be a good fit for what you need, it's then time to send them a message. This first message is called an "inquiry" because you're inquiring about a product or service from a company or person. And you think... great, let m [...]

A Fun Wedding Theme Quiz from Wedding Paper Divas + Happy Thanksgiving

Hey folks! It's the Thanksgiving Eve and I thought I'd keep things fun and not-too-heavy before we all head into the carb-filled holiday of feasting. (really, Thanksgiving is such a favorite) My friends at Wedding Paper Divas created a really fun "Wedding Theme" quiz that is actually a lot of fun to go through. I tried it out myself, although I'm not planning a wedding for myself, and got "Modern" [...]

The Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes You Can Make

Holy drama queen, batman. Ok guys, I know. I'm being a bit dramatic here. But, throughout the years, my fellow colleagues and I have seen quite the number of wedding planning mistakes that couples have unknowingly made. Obviously, LIFE is about making mistakes and learning from them, but you probably don't plan on having another wedding any time soon, so it's best to learn from other people's wedd [...]

Montage Mountain Wedding: Wedding Film by Monelli Films

(I've never had the pleasure of working with Al from Monelli Films before, but I certainly hope to in the future.) Katelyn was one of those brides where, after our very first meeting, we were instantly BFFs. We clicked, we laughed, we synced, we "got" one another. After watching her glow throughout this whole video, it's really no wonder at all why she has the amazing love of her new husband, Lee. [...]

Two Uncommon, Ridiculously Adorable and Alternative Ceremony Readings

If you're having a non-traditional wedding, but still want to incorporate a reading into your ceremony, there are some heartfelt and amazing alternative ceremony readings out there. We've heard poems, song lyrics, and short stories. Everything from Dr. Seuss to Shakespeare. photo by With Love & Embers  Over the years, we can't help but play favorites when it comes to this type of stuff. Just o [...]

Wedding Budget: Why the Guest List is “EVERYTHING”

Just about any where you look, when it comes to planning your wedding budget, every one will tell you that your guest list is EVERYTHING. While it certainly doesn't affect every single aspect of your wedding, it does play a major role in your bottom line. Before we go any further, we should mention that we, in no way what-so-ever, think you should have a small wedding, if you don't want to have a [...]

Real DPNAK Wedding: Megan and Luke at Friedman Farms | Trailer Video from Kevin Fonash Studios

Megan and Luke were married on October 4, 2015 at the rustic Friedman Farms in Dallas, PA. It was a sunny, 65-degree day that was full of love and some stellar dance moves. Kevin Fonash Studios just released this trailer video and the DPNAK team is SO honored to have been a part of this amazing day. Uh-oh... it looks like the video we embedded here isn't showing up correctly. Check out the video d [...]