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What’s the deal with table numbers?

To say I’ve been to a lot of weddings over the past five years might be a bigger understatement than saying I like the color yellow. That being said, the team and I have seen our fair share of AWESOME and awesome-but-it-doesn’t-work decor.

One of those pieces is the “table number”.

The BEST Way to Organize Your Wedding Day Items

Ok, now that we are back on track, it’s time to get the blog rolling again!
This week, I want to talk about my most-favorite-est thing ever: ORGANIZATION.
Particularly organizing your wedding day “stuff” <– technical term, yes.

You and I both know that you have this elaborate plan on how you’re going to have everything all neat […]

We are LIVE! Introducing the new DPNAK Weddings.

Ladies and gents, it has been a very long road to get to this point, but we are SOOO stinking excited to share our new brand with you.

We have been working with PostFilm Design to develop the new DPNAK Weddings brand and working ourselves on the new website. Please poke around and let us know your […]

Have you heard about Tradesy Weddings

I was experiencing some major writer’s block the past two weeks and actually wrote a post yesterday regarding rentals that I simply hated. Ok, hate is a strong word, but it just didn’t feel like information that I’d want to read and if I don’t want to read it, how can I expect you […]

Etsy Finds: Wedding Head Chains

I always love watching the up and coming trends and after watching last week’s episode of New Girl (ep: Prince), I realized that we are going to be seeing some BEAUTIFUL head pieces this year and next. Now, don’t get me wrong, a bride’s head gear will ALWAYS be stunning, because it’s on a glowing […]

Get your wedding priorities straight.

I always love reading websites that have those charts that tell you how much you “should” be spending on specific areas of your wedding. For example, “7% of your budget should go towards flowers”. Well, it’s a good guide but it’s DEFINITELY not a set-in-stone fact. What if you really, really like flowers?? Maybe […]

Watch the budget! Postage increase is set for 1/26.

I’m a sucker for a good wedding budget and it’s no shock that postage is often one of those things that is forgotten on the spreadsheet.

So use this as a reminder that A) don’t forget to include postage in your stationery budget and B) said postage rates are going to increase in just a […]

Etsy Finds: wedding signage, signage, signage…

Hey there trendy folks. For this week, I want to chat with you about wedding signage. “WTF is signage?” you may ask. Signage is any type of sign (in this case, for your wedding) that tells your guests (or your reader) something important. It gives direction, information or is just cute and fun. There a […]