You aren’t like any other couple
and neither is your wedding.

So, why would we try and fit you into a pre-packaged box?

We’re going to start with a fun chat talking all about you, your partner, your wedding, your ideas, your fears and likely your dog (because we love pups!). From there, we’ll create a proposal of a custom package including everything you need – and nothing you don’t.

Your custom proposal will likely include a combination of the following services:


  • Custom timeline and itinerary creation and distribution for key wedding vendors and venue
  • Mini-timeline creation for wedding party members and VIP family
  • One Final Detail Consult to discuss all details, logistics and wedding day events
  • Triple vendor confirmations to ensure all details are clearly established and upheld
  • Rehearsal guidance and direction alongside your officiant to best prepare for your wedding ceremony
  • Emergency Kit Bag access on your wedding day including anything you could possibly need and more (we call it the Oh Sh*t Kit)
  • On-site management on your wedding day including overseeing setup, ceremony and reception coordination
  • Extensive setup and/or breakdown on the wedding day including chairs, tables, linens, centerpieces and other DIY and decor elements


  • Unlimited email and text correspondence to reach out as much as you need for any wedding, logistic, etiquette, or brainstorming questions – always with an as-fast-as-possible response
  • Online project management system for you and your VIPs to keep things organized, on track, and all in one place – great for to-do lists, appointments, uploading files, sending messages and more
  • Budget mapping and payment tracking to build and maintain a realistic view of your wedding budget
  • Monthly planning checklists to keep you on track and notify you exactly when you should be doing what
  • Monthly Skype or phone calls to discuss planning progress and upcoming adventures
  • Preferred vendor list and recommendations based on your style, needs, budget and personality along with personalized introductions and exclusive discounts
  • Attendance to vendor and venue meetings to keep a professional by your side and ensure all the right questions are asked

Pricing is based on your individual needs and wedding details. Our day-of packages begin at $1500 and consulting services start at $65 per hour.

Receive a custom quote. Shoot us a quick love note.
You can also send an email directly to or call/text 570-561-4118.


Who doesn’t love a list of frequently asked questions?? Below are some commonly heard questions that you are welcome to check out. To read the answer, just click the question or cute plus (+) sign.

Ahh, this is something we hear a lot. “We’ll be fine because our venue has a coordinator/planner who said they’ll take care of everything for us.” Well, in most cases, a venue coordinator is there to make sure that everything with the venue is working and functioning as promised. That is their priority (as it should be). They are not concerned about your dress ripping, your Best Man being in the bathroom before it’s time for him to give a toast, and if the wedding ceremony is someplace else, they DEFINITELY will not be helping with any of that (just to name a few small things). Their role is to make sure the venue is coordinated properly and they usually do their job wonderfully. About 70% of the weddings we assist with have venue coordinators and we work great together because we’re doing different things.
You like us?? YAY. Ok, the best way to get started is with our Free Initial Consult. We’ll sit down in the Scranton area or via Skype/Google Hangout at your convenience and chat all about your wedding and get to know one another.
Nope, afraid not. Our working relationship needs to be pretty strong and if our personalities don’t gel, then we’ll both be fighting a losing battle throughout the process. Our job is to remove stress, not add to it. If we can’t meet in person, we’re more than happy to schedule a Skype/Google Hangout (or even old-school phone call) at your convenience. You want to make sure you want to work with us just like we do and, if not, no hard feelings.
Our pricing depends a LOT on you. Where your wedding will be, how many guests, the complexity of the wedding, etc. are all factors. Once we have our first official chat, you will receive a proposal in your email inbox with one or more package options created just for you. Our fees are “flat fees” meaning they are not based on your total budget and will not change unless you require more help from us (changes are never made without your clear permission)
We’ve coordinated weddings with budgets all over the board, but we find that couples with budgets ranging from $18,000 to $60,000 typically get the absolute most out of our services. But if you’re budget is less or more, that doesn’t mean we won’t work with you. Let’s start with a consult and go from there.
Heck no. Typically, to reserve your wedding date, 20% of the package price is due within 30 days of signing our agreement. From there, we typically require a second payment six months before your wedding day and the final balance due by the wedding rehearsal. We are always happy to discuss other payment options, if needed.
Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: As long as we’re available, we are more than happy to help any couple who needs it. Think it’s too soon before your wedding? We’ve come on board with as little as 5 days before the wedding rehearsal. We can do it.
We LOVE Moms! No really, we do. We understand where Moms are coming from and also understand that they (usually) mean well, they just have a harder time of showing it sometimes. At the end of the day, you are our client, but if Mom wants to send us emails with questions, we will always welcome it and help however we can.
Nope. Our recommended vendor list is based on years of working with the area’s best (and worst) vendors and that’s why we recommend them, but we are always happy to work with whomever you choose. 
We currently accept cash, check (preferred), bank transfer, eCheck, and credit card (additional fees apply).  Unfortunately, we can not accept puka shells as payment at this time.
As much as you like. Our Signature and Premiere clients receive unlimited correspondence (a.k.a. talk to us via email and text) from the day we’re hired. We don’t keep track of hours spent replying or chatting with you so feel free to send all of your questions/concerns/vents our way. In most cases, you’ll receive a response within a few short hours.
ASAP. Ok, we want to make sure we’re a good fit first. But we are booking weddings 1-2 years out and it’s important to reserve your date as soon as possible. Plus, the sooner we come on board, the more time/money/brain cells you’ll save.
Sometimes! We have an extensive list of recommended vendors that you will receive as a DPNAK client. The vendors on this list are there because they provide an incredible service at a fair value. Some of these vendors have also been gracious enough to pass along a special offer to you as a client of ours. These offers include free engagement sessions, discounts off of services or products, free shipping and more. The list in a spreadsheet format making it easy to view and contact them.
We love to travel, but we have our limitations too. Our role as your coordinator is strong because we know our “area” and have made many connections within the surrounding area. The farther we travel away from this area, the less valuable we are to you and chances are high that that area has an awesome coordinator, too. Our typical locations are the areas in and surrounding Northeast PA, Poconos, Lehigh Valley, Central PA, Philadelphia and the York/Lancaster area. We’ve also worked in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. For some weddings, a small travel fee will apply and hotel accommodations will be required, but we’ll talk about that upfront so no surprises here.
Yep! We’d love to share your entire day with you and make sure everything is taken care of start-to-finish, but sometimes that’s unnecessary. We are more than happy to help with just your ceremony and rehearsal (or just your reception). 
Yes we do. We carry General Liability insurance and can provide a certificate of insurance to any venues that require it. We like following the rules and being legit and stuff.
Love is love. That’s the most important thing to us. We are more than happy to coordinate any type of wedding you have as long as you’re really excited to be marrying your partner. This includes any type of religious, mixed and non-religious beliefs, LGBTQ weddings, civil unions, commitment ceremonies, green/eco-friendly weddings, weddings with unitards, anything really. If you’re passionate about it, then we’re happy to be a part of it (as long as no animals are harmed in the process)
We have a strict rule of “don’t hate what you do” so we’re careful to only commit to one wedding per weekend. This means you will have our undivided attention by the entire team and our heads will not be in two or more places at once. We’re all yours baby.
Oh boy, do we have an emergency kit. We call it the “Oh Sh*t Kit” and it contains almost anything you can think of. Duct tape, fishing line, first aid kit, sewing kit, bobby pins, cake cutting set, tissues, mints… the list goes on and on. Let’s just say it’s heavy and you don’t have to worry about carrying it around with you.
No problem! Send them our way by emailing or call us at 570-561-4118. Or the best way to get started is by filling out our contact form and getting the convo going.

Our next step: Let’s talk about you.

If you are local to the NEPA area, we can sit down and chat. If you’re not, we can schedule a Skype chat or Google Hangout at your convenience.

Either way, we’re going to talk all about your wedding and the type of help you need. We’ll also likely enjoy a hot beverage or sweet treat because why not. From there, you’ll receive a proposal (minus the ring) in your inbox with your custom package.