What being a DPNAK client can involve.


We want you to get in touch with us as often as you need. And then some.

Send over an email or shoot us a text as much as you like. We don’t bill you per hour so you never have to worry about going over on time.
And you can always expect a quick response.

After all, what good is it having a professional on your time if you can’t pick their brain?

0 hours
average response time for emails (often less)
0 minutes
average response time for text messages (if not answered immediately)
Keep in mind, we are human and, therefore, sleep and take snack breaks from time to time. Any urgent matters are handled as soon as humanly possible but if you send us an email at 3am, you likely won’t hear back until daylight or so. Our point is that you won’t be waiting for DAYS for a response from us.


  • Organized discussions sent directly to your email inbox
  • To-do lists for you to stay focused and on-track
  • Calendar and appointments – with iCal sync
  • Upload files and documents to keep things organized
  • Unlimited users to include your partner, mom, best friend and more

Apps are available for Android on Google Play, iPad in the App Store, and iPhone in the App Store.




You deserve to work with the best.

Categorized Vendor List

We recommend vendors based on your style, personality and budget. You receive a list of the best vendors in the area sorted by category, location and more.

VIP Introductions

We personally introduce you to the best of the best (but not necessarily the most expensive) to start out with a great first impression and save time.

Freebies and Discounts

There is no argument that we save you time. But, being a DPNAK client also means exclusive freebies, discounts and offers just for working with us.
Our goal is to recommend vendors and companies that are best for you and your wedding.
Our Recommended Vendor List is not a paid advertising list and we do not accept referral fees or kickbacks of any kind. ‘Cause that’s shady.


All of your details in one secure place to keep your vendors in the loop and everyone on the same page.

All accessible 24/7 via Google Drive.


We create a mini-timeline of your day to send to your best people to let them know when to get dressed, when to be where and when it’s time for dinner.


The ultimate must-have for every couple who wants to enjoy their wedding day.

One of the busiest times leading up to your wedding is the final two weeks before the big day. We are going to take care of all vendor confirmations and communication eliminating any extra work on your end. This includes coordinating with your vendors in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding day to ensure a smooth drop-off/delivery and overall flow of the day as well as timing of events throughout the day.
Your wedding rehearsal is your time to practice what’s going to happen at your ceremony. This includes who is walking with your parents/grandparents, the order and pairing of your wedding party and the events of your ceremony. We discuss this in detail prior to your rehearsal (so nothing is happening without your knowledge or approval) allowing you to just show up. From there, we guide the crew along with your officiant to keep you on-time and heading to your rehearsal dinner.
Whether you have a lot of tiny details or are building an entire wedding space, you’re likely wondering how it’s all going to get done and thinking you’re going to have to somehow plan time in your day to do it yourself (NOOO!). On your wedding day, we oversee your vendors and ensure your set-up is happening on-time and as scheduled. Any problems that arise we take care of and we make sure that all of your details are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

At the ceremony site, we’re ensuring your guests are taken care of, your wedding party is where they’re supposed to be, and everyone is ready to go as we cue the musicians. If your ceremony is at a different spot than your reception, we make sure your personal belongings (like your marriage license) are taken to the reception and placed with the rest of your items at the end of the night.

Your cocktail hour and wedding reception is the time where you’re going to want to kick off (or change) your shoes and just enjoy yourselves. While you do that, we are working with all of your vendors, including your venue, making sure things are rolling smoothly behind-the-scenes. We’re also be keeping you and your wedding party in the loop on upcoming events so they can be ready to go (like making sure your Best Man is ready for his toast and Dad is ready for his dance with you).

By the time all the formalities are over and the last song has been played, we have most of your belongings safely tucked away in the car or room of your choice. No need to worry about your cards being stolen or your champagne flutes being misplaced, we make sure everything is packed up and ready to go for you. You also receive a ginormous hug from us and we don’t care how sweaty you are.

The DPNAK Oh Sh*t Kit is chock-full of just about anything you can need in an emergency situation on your wedding day. Bobby pins, safety pins, first aid kit, Tide stick, duct tape, sewing kit, two-faced tape, boutonniere pins, mirror, hairspray… let’s just say it’s a heavy bag and you don’t have to worry about carting it around. So when a button comes off a jacket, a bridesmaid’s dress keeps slipping off her shoulder, Mom’s slip doesn’t want to stay put, or a guest starts getting a nasty blister (but the shoes are SO cute) – we’re there to help.
Are you just a few weeks away from your wedding and realizing you need some HELP?
We are happy to offer Emergency Day-Of Coordination services as long as we have your date available and feel confident that we can take care of everything you need in the timeframe given.
Contact us ASAP to get rolling!


What we do is not a “one size fits all” deal.
We can help with just a few things, everything or somewhere in between.

After our first chat, we create a custom package for you including everything you need.
But that doesn’t help you because, right now, you’re thinking: “Oh my goodness. Can we afford this?”.

Since we can’t tell you exactly how much things are going to cost until we have our first chat, we can tell you that our average client has a total wedding budget of $25,000-$40,000. They are paying for all, some or most of their wedding themselves and they are saving time, money and sanity by having us on their team.


Before we do anything, we have a FREE CHAT – just like a first date.

One on one. No pressure.

Just fun. And some wedding gushing.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.