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Nobody deserves to enjoy your wedding more than you.

Since 2009, DPNAK Weddings has been helping awesome couples, just like you, plan and execute weddings that were meaningful, smooth-flowing and memorable.

We’ve been everywhere from barns to country clubs, from backyards to swanky hotel ballrooms. We’ve worked through freak snowstorms and crazy hurricanes. We’ve seen groomsmen get naked and dance on pianos and wedding photographers get rushed to emergency rooms. We’ve given directions to lost bus drivers and built bouquets on-the-fly.

Having DPNAK Weddings on your team is about so much more than just picking out pretty flowers. (Though, that’s also a very fun job)

It’s about having someone you can go to with any question you have — and receiving a smart and helpful answer (quickly). It’s about having someone who knows more about the details of your wedding than ANYONE — including yourself. It’s about trusting that you’ve got a Fairy Godmother/Wizard on your team who’s going to expertly manage every bit of your day while you’re busy focusing on marrying your best friend and celebrating with the best people you know.

Because your wedding is a day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Let’s fill it with the BEST memories possible.

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Available for weddings throughout the areas of Bucks County, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Poconos, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and Lancaster, PA.

“Working with DPNAK was the best decision we made during the wedding planning process.”


Wedding Services


You’re recently engaged and you want to start off on the best foot possible. DPNAK will help you map out a budget that reflects your priorities and build a team of the best wedding professionals that will compliment your day. We’ll work together throughout the entire process to keep the planning on-track and brilliantly organized, so you won’t have to worry about what you’re doing “wrong” or if you’re missing anything important. Full Planning includes Wedding Day Management services and can also include assistance in finding the perfect venue.


You’ve selected your venue, picked a date, and even started to build your key team of wedding pros. But you’re feeling a little stuck, a lot overwhelmed, and the wedding day feels like it’s just around the corner. DPNAK’s Signature services will help to take all of the planning you’ve done and find any glaring holes. Together, we’ll come up with a plan to stay on track and you’ll no longer feel like the entire wedding is sitting just on your shoulders. Signature Coordination includes Wedding Day Management services and is typically booked 4-7 months before the wedding day.


You feel completely confident in planning your entire wedding day, but know that you don’t want to be the one trying to manage it all when it arrives. You need someone that you can trust in executing your vision and someone who knows everything that you do (and more). Wedding Day Management services will begin 8 weeks before your wedding day allowing ample time for DPNAK to learn everything about your day. We’ll build a comprehensive timeline and coordinate with your team of wedding pros to be fully prepared for the best day possible. On your wedding day, you will not need to focus on anything but marrying your partner-in-crime and celebrating your love with your most favorite people in the world.


“When I started wedding planning I was incredibly overwhelmed and after my first meeting with Danielle I felt a million times better.”


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