Holy drama queen, Batman.

Ok guys, I know. I’m being a bit dramatic here. But, throughout the years, my fellow colleagues and I have seen quite the number of wedding planning mistakes that couples have unknowingly made. Obviously, LIFE is about making mistakes and learning from them, but you probably don’t plan on having another wedding any time soon, so it’s best to learn from other people’s wedding planning mistakes in this case.

The biggest wedding planning mistakes you can make from DPNAK Weddings | photo by Danielle Coons Photography

Just like our post last month on tips for giving a great toast, I reached out to my favorite wedding pros to get their input on this subject.

Once again, Alisa Tongg, Celebrant gave some AH-MAZING advice on being present:

“In my opinion, the biggest mistake a couple can make on their wedding day is not carving out enough time to shift mentally and be absolutely present, before walking down the aisle. This could be because they are spending those last precious moments managing texts and calls from wayward guests or communicating with vendors when they should be in a quiet environment focusing on family connections and the life-transforming commitment they are about to make.”

Alisa recommends the best way to keep yourself present and not have to worry about anything:

Hiring a professional day-of coordinator is absolutely worth it in my opinion. Having someone who understands the vision for the entire celebration step into that space of responsibility helps couples shift mentally from micromanage to macro-manage – having someone competent that you can trust in this role, frees couples to focus on the big, beautiful important things in life – like LOVE.”

(Uhm…. I agree. WHOLE-HEARTEDLY.)

Another topic that I received a big response on was PHOTOS. When I work with my clients, we chat about their timeline and I work closely with their photographer (and videographer) to ensure we have as much time of the day built in to allow for some really great photo opportunities.


photo by We Laugh We Love Photography

Karla Korn said it well:

“Come up with a definite timeline and factor in cushion time.  If you are not a punctual person, I would suggest scheduling around that as well.”

Yes!! This is so true. Everything, everything, everything should have a cushion. Whether you are or aren’t of the punctual variety, unexpected things will come up and you’ll firmly enjoy having that buffer time planned into your day. After all, think of how much you’re investing in your photographer. The less time you give them, the less photos you’ll have at the end of the day.

Janis Nowlan from the Janis Nowlan Band also chimed in with some great advice for your reception. She says…

“Don’t try to micromanage the dance music and the band’s playlist for the evening. A band/bandleader needs to have some flexibility to be able to “read the crowd” and call the shots.”

Folks, I get it. I’m Type-A, too. I like to control things in my personal life just as much as you. And when it comes to planning your reception playlist, it’s hard not to want to EVERY SINGLE SONG you’ve ever loved in a very specific order. But, as much as you can try, you can’t predict how your guests will react to different songs. EVERYTHING comes into play when it comes to getting people onto a dance floor and no one will know it better than your band, bandleader or professional DJ.

It goes back to what we always say: TRUST YOUR PROS. 

In the case of a band, if they have an empty dance floor all night, it will be a bad reflection on them. You hired them to do their thing and ensuring every one has a through-the-roof-amazing time is their number one priority. If you feel it isn’t, contact me and I’ll send you the names of a few bands who will – starting with Janis.