Simply Designed spotlight via DPNAK WeddingsAbout five years ago, when we were just spreading our blooms in the wedding world, I stumbled upon an amazing designer and now-friend, Heather Long of Simply Designed. Simply Designed is a stationery design company who completely kicks butts, in our opinion. Heather gives the utmost of care and attention to her clients when working with them on their invitations, Save-The-Dates, menu cards, programs, place cards, thank you cards, and more. She walks you through each step and is always making sure you have plenty of time for shipping and mailing. I love her work so much that she did our holiday cards this year – so keep an eye out if you’re a client or on our recommended vendor list!

This week, I’m honored to bring you a spotlight on Heather and her design company, Simply Designed.

Hello. Who are you?

Heather: Hello! I’m Heather, the brainchild behind Simply Designed. With that I wear many hats as a stationery designer and graphic designer, and work with many different types of clients, from startup small business to corporations to individuals. I am obsessed with paper, fonts (30k and counting) letterpress printing (hoping to own my press one day!), and calligraphy (love looking at this but still working on mastering this!). I am currently based out of our beautiful nation’s capital, Washington, DC, but I’m originally from Pennsylvania.

Simply Designed Spotlight on DPNAK Weddings

photo by Liz and Ryan Photography

Who or what got you started in the industry?

Heather: My love and passion for designing wedding and event stationery started about 15 (eeek!) years ago when my best friend asked me to design her wedding invitations. We had so much fun playing with paper, picking fonts and coming up with the perfect design, I fell in love with the process of designing wedding invitations because it is a wonderfully creative adventure that brings happiness to others as they share life’s biggest moments. I have been designing wedding invitation packages, birth announcements, and other special event invitations ever since. As for people who inspire me; Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Georgia O’Keeffe, Paula Scher, Frank Lloyd Wright and Herb Lubalin are just a few. 

What is your favorite part about being in the wedding world?

Heather: I love that every day is something different, from the people and couples that I meet, to the stationery projects I get to work on. The custom stationers circle is small and it is a great group of supportive, talented, and dedicated people, I love the sense of community.

Simply Designed Spotlight on DPNAK Weddings

photo by Mollie Tobias Photography (LOVE the Hunger Games, btw!!)

Besides weddings, what else do you design for?

Heather: I’m a graphic designer by degree, so not only do I work with couples for their personal stationery, but I also work with corporation and small businesses for their marketing collateral, logo development, presentation development, magazine layout, website design and the list goes on and on. I have been in the graphic design industry for 15 years now and my skill set is wide, and if I can’t fully help you, my network is even wider.

What are FIVE adjectives you’d use to describe your style?

Heather: Whimsical, modern, rustic, classic, and inspired

Simply Designed Spotlight on DPNAK Weddings

photo by Archetype Studio Inc.

As a designer, where do you go to be inspired?

Heather: People who know me best, know that when I’m in search of inspiration, you will find me behind the lens of my camera with a backpack on, lost on some trail in one of our beautiful National Parks. I find most of my inspiration from nature and the beauty that surrounds us every day. I love photography and how it can change our perspective of what is surrounding us, how it can change the way we see things. When I’m stuck on a project and the creative juices aren’t flowing, I reach for my camera and hit the local hiking trails. It is the most therapeutic and inspiring way for me to get back on track!

What sets you apart from other fellow designers?

Heather: I feel what sets me apart is that I’m really good at reading people and helping make your vision a reality, by getting to the details and helping you explore your vision graphically. My personal style is very clean and modern (think lots of white space), but I have honed my craft over the years, that I’m just as strongly versed in many different styles that can suit any project, and that above anything helps me stand out.

Simply Designed Spotlight on DPNAK Weddings

photo by Rachael Foster Photography

Whether you’re single, married, divorced, widowed… we all have words of advice when it comes to relationships. What is your advice to couples tying the knot?

Heather: No regrets. That is something that I live by and stand by. Never regret any decision that you make, never regret anything you say, and never regret and thing you do. If you have regrets it haunts you for the rest of your life. So I live my life with the mantra; speak your mind, but be gentle. Live your life the way you want, but be conscious of your repercussions and footprints left behind, and be compassionate and passionate about everything and everyone in your life. I think if you live by this, your relationships will thrive, survive and become stronger! And laugh… a lot. :)

If you were a hamburger, what kind of burger would you be and why?

Heather: I’m a classic cheeseburger with a twist; pepper jack cheese :)

Simply Designed Spotlight on DPNAK Weddings

photo by Rachael Foster Photography

Aside from weddings, what are some of your other hobbies/hidden talents/secret powers?

Heather: Wow, Danielle really makes you think! Hmmmm…  I’m a landscape photographer and avid backpacker, I danced ballet for 22 years and always wanted to dance in the ballet Cinderella… Secret powers, I have been called the dog whisperer, I just have a way with them, and are always drawn to them. I had a co-worker years ago that would say, if I can’t find my dog, I just have to walk over to your desk (I worked in an ad agency that was dog friendly, and there were days that I had 6 dogs under my desk – yay puppies!)

Speaking of super powers, if you could choose to have any, what would you pick?

Heather: Super powers… I wish I could fly…. Actually working on that one :) Getting my pilot’s license, so if I can’t do it, I will make it happen! OR maybe read minds…. wait I take that back. I really don’t want to know :)

Simply Designed Spotlight on DPNAK Weddings

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Finally, how do we connect with you?

Simply Designed Spotlight on DPNAK Weddings

photo by Simply Designed